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Royalty Quiz


Which Royalty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

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Hard Sleeper

Apparently, natural disasters don’t phase me, as i have slept through several hurricanes, and now an earthquke.

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Music Selection #3

Today’s selection is Chopin’s “Polonaise in A Flat Major” Op. 53. If you can, look for the rendition by Adam Harasiewicz.

Posted by: iamme1987 | April 9, 2008

WWI and War Between the States

I was thinking last night about the parallels between WWI and the US War Between the States (WBTS.). For us too, it was the end of the “Old Order”. Granted, it was a very new Old Order, infected with Whiggish fallacy that caused it to self-destruct much sooner, but an Old Order nonetheless. Really, in a way, before the war, we were an elected monarchy. Work with me people, work with me! How so, you say? We had a Head of State chosen more or less by the Electoral College, with limited powers, a “House of Lords” (Senate) chosen by the states, (so they didn’t have to toe the party line) and a legal system based on English Common Law. Then came dishonest Abe and so much for that. Now we have a corrupt, robber-baron type government that does as it pleases while fooling the populace into thinking that it is beholden to them. To pull myself away from that rant while I still can, the two wars also introduced modern combat. Not only new technologies like submarines in America and the aeroplane in Europe, but new and terrible methods, like Total War, the Draft, war “on a nation” instead of “against an army.” Save for the Napoleonic Wars, Europe had not seen this since the Reformation (North America had). This later, more terrible group, were resurrected in no small part due to democracy. The Democracies brought back the Draft, and with it the Massive Horde, a force trained to detroy another people. It was no longer a battle between highly trained, professional soldiers, motivated by honor, who had a mutual respect for one another, who often would later fight beside each other, but an indoctrinated mass who wanted only the total destruction of the enemy. It was now not the British Army against the German Army, but the British people against the Greman people. Under those conditions, anything was justified. You could bomb cities, because, hey we’ve got to destroy their infrastructure. You could murder children, rape women, abuse old men, because, hey, the whole country must be punished. And tobe able to do these things, without total troop desertion, you must make up lies about your enemy. You must make your people, your citizens, believe that the other country’s people are evil. You must say the Germans are eating Belgian babies, because if that’s true, well, then you must do whatever it takes to subjugate this evil people. Thus, nations begin to hate each other. So, if you’re “making the world safe for Democracy,” anything goes.

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God Save the Queen!

If only the poli-ticks would do something like this….

The Queen has once again shown, not only that she is indeed in touch with the Common Man, but actually more so than the Labour Traitors (or even the Tory Cowards). May this serve to strengthen Monarchism in the Commonwealth, and perhaps around the world. Oh, by the way, the Royal Family has no Air Force One.

God Save the Queen!

Posted by: iamme1987 | March 26, 2008

The Mustache

Edwardian Promenade has an interesting post on mustaches:

the post is a bit old, but hey, I just found it.

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Oh, dear. In preparing for my travels this Easter weekend, I forget to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter!

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"Citizen vs."Subject"

It’s amazing how a little changing in wording can have so much effect. Republicans who live in monarchies (especially Australia) prattle on about how they want be “citizens, not subjects.” This is a load of hogwash. There is no difference. The citizens of Republics are still subects, they just don’t admit it to themselves. At least in a (traditional, anyway) monarchy, human nature is admitted to, and the royals and nobility are given a job to do. In America, our “betters” like the Kennedys, frolic and play to their heart’s content, while babbling on about “equality” in the eyes of the law.

Posted by: iamme1987 | March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! May it be filled with happiness and may you spend it with your kith and kin.

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Wow, two post in one day!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my background lately. The current one is actually the original. But I decided that the much more traditional background would fit my blog much better.

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